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Ashshifa company stands as a distinguished, award-winning professional in both bridal and non-bridal makeup artistry, alongside being a seasoned makeup artist, beauty educator, and biochemist with over a decade of expertise. With a profound understanding of diverse skin tones and ethnicities, my specialization spans across various occasions.

Focusing on catering to all skin types, from Asian and Arab to Caucasian and African, we deliver customized makeup services tailored to accentuate individual facial features and preferences. Our repertoire encompasses consultations, trials, as well as individual and group sessions, offering a spectrum of looks from dewy soft glam to bold and professional glam, inclusive of contouring, sculpting, strobing, tattoo coverage, false lashes, and complete beauty makeup applications.

At Ashshifa company, our commitment lies in prioritizing the satisfaction of our clients, customers, and students, guided by unwavering values of professionalism, integrity, innovation, and exemplary customer service. As a driven entrepreneur, I am fervent about goal setting and attainment, staying abreast of beauty trends while championing self-care.

The Makeup Masterclass embodies top-tier methodologies and curriculum designed for continuous learning and retention. Additionally, I am thrilled to unveil my latest ventures, Maison AshShifa, introducing a range of niche perfume products and luxury abayas, further enriching the beauty and well-being of our clientele. @MaisonAshshifa - Ashshifa

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