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1. Does the highlighter glow oil stains your cloth? No, they don't stain when dried. All the glowy highlighter doesn't have colour in them, so they don't stain at all when dried or immediately after application.

2. Does it Tan? Yes, the Shade Goddess & Rich Vibes are perfect for Tanning Light Skintone.

3. It is waterproof? Yes, even after showering, you will see some shinning particles. They don't leave that easy.

4. Is it designed for all skin types? Yes, everyone can get to glisten in their skin from fair to deep and from Normal to Dry to Combination to Oily skin⭐

5. what's in the Jar? We only used Organically Sourced Oils in their whole benefits. Oils that are similar to the sebum the skin produces which are the Jojoba Oils, Sunflower Oils, Grapeseed Oils

The best glow is seen when the Oils dries off ⭐

How long does it take for the oil to dry off? It takes like few minutes depending on how much of oil you applied to be absorbed into the skin. Little goes a long way.

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