Beginners / Personal Makeup Courses

One on One Private Personal Makeup course

Learn Simple Day to Day Makeup techniques from 7 years + Professional Makeup GURU,  take your face from Bare to Glam with easy-simple unique strategies that will improve your appearance and not overwhelm your potentials.  

Our One on One Intensive Makeup Classes, Perfect for Beginners & Personal Makeup Classes, for those that want to learn simple day-to-day nude matte makeup looks. Come to my class, let me show you how to achieve your makeup in 5 easy steps. do your makeup in 10 min less, even if you are late for an appointment, Quick Zoom meetings/calls. My method is very easy  & helps to enhance your makeup skills.

After the completion of the classes, you would be added to the Online Makeup Workshop for continuous learning & support.

Teaching modern techniques to achieve a simple soft glam for day-to-day, office look and personal looks.

Courses topics include the following:

- Natural application skills
- Evening application skills
- Blending / Contouring techniques
- Personal makeup assessment/recommendations
- Foundation Matching
- Skincare
...and more! makeup lessons, teaching modern techniques. 
Makeup lessons would be taken place in Ashhhhbeauty Home Makeup Studio, located in L7A 0G2, Brampton.

Prices starting from $250 FOR 1 DAY, 2 DAYS $450, 3 DAYS $700, 5 DAYS $1100, Prices per person. 3 hours per day.
A non-refundable deposit of $100 and the remaining difference would be paid before the end of the makeup classes. 

DURATION: 3 hour per day

Contact below for more information.

Professional Makeup Artist Courses & Masterclass


One on one Private Makeup Courses for Makeup Artist


One on One Private Makeup Masterclass for Makeup Artist (PROMO)

Promo Price $1250/3 days
Reg.Price $1350

The MUA One on One "Learn everything about makeup" private Course is the Most Popular Course offered by Shafau Yusuf (@ashhhhbeauty). This is a VERY INDEPTH INTENSIVE private Makeup Lesson Taught by Shafau. At the end of this class, you will learn everything about Makeu Artistry, Makeup Business, Pictures/videos and also grow your confidence in the Makeup Industry.


Ashhhhbeauty will begin by applying makeup on one side of a model's face, walking you through every step of eyebrow shaping & defining, concealer, modern eyeshadow looks & eyeliner application, and lip color. The student will then do the other side of the model's face following Ashhhhbeauty demonstration & instructions.

With the new modern makeup technique advancing, the makeup artists always have to be one step ahead.


Brow Grooming/Shaping & Defining: 

How to shape the ultimate brow, clean/define with concealer and create the perfect blank canvas on the lids for the perfect shadow showstopper.

All about the Eyes:

Learn upto to 6 different eye looks, the most up to date/modern and advance looks within the industry from a Nude soft eyes, to a flawless cut crease, to glitters/chunky application to the sharpest liner, and the ultimate blend and how to get full eyeshadow pigments, which Ashhhhbeauty is well-known for.

Perfecting the Foundations:

This involves how to achieve complete coverage using concealer, blending different texture products onto the skin, perfecting the flawless base and how to create different finishes to the foundation.

Highlighting and Contouring: 

Covering the classic intense Strobing, highlight and contour which Ashhhhbeauty is well-known for, and a softer alternative version of her technique will also be created.


We will go over how to take Instagram worthy photos and videos.

A One on One Ashhhhbeauty Certificate will be awarded upon completion, along with a full product break down list. 

The products, brushes, and a professional model will be provided by you but can also be provided by me.
Attendees are encouraged to take notes and photos of the step by step demonstration.