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Ashhhh Beauty is a Luxury Award Winning Professional Bridal & Non-Bridal Makeup Artist, Beauty Educator, and the Chief Creative Director of Ashhhhbeauty Creations & Shifa Perfume Oil. A Biochemist, Beauty enthusiast, Business Woman, and an Award-Winning Professional Makeup Artist based in Mississauga. I have over eight years of experience as a Make-up Artist, working on different Skintones & Ethnicities for different occasions.

Expert in various backgrounds & ethnicity from Asian to Arab to Caucasian to African to Browns. Make-up Artist for all skin types. We offer Make-up Services for bridal events & non-bridal occasions. The services rendered will be tailored to match the Face feature and personal preferences, including consultations, trials, and individual and group services. Bridal make-up & other Beauty Make-up Services features simple dewy soft glam, bold make-up look, soft everyday glam, full Professional Makeup glam, contouring, sculpting, strobing, tattoo coverage, false lashes, and Full Beauty Make-up Applications. At Ashhhh Beauty, our clients, customers & students' best interest comes first, and our values and professional ethics guide everything we do. We will remain committed to professionalism, integrity, innovation, and excellent customer service. I have always been a business-driven woman and am very passionate about setting goals and achieving them. With that being said, I have always had an interest in keeping up with beauty trends and I believe in the importance of always prioritizing self-care. This Makeup Masterclass includes the best-in-class methods and course design for maximum continuous learning and retention.


I want to thank you for entrusting your training journey to me and allowing me to teach you all I know about Makeup artistry! I commend you for starting your own business and I know you will do well! Just follow these easy steps, guidelines, and techniques and I promise you’ll be successful!


You’ve come to a place where being smart isn’t enough; you have to be resilient, brave, coachable & ready to learn.

Let’s get started on creating your success!

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